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cluster industrial - Automotive Meetings Queretaro partners
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    Cluster Industrial is the media specialist for excellence in the Automotive Industry in Mexico . With a large community of professionals and companies , we link industrial requirements with potential suppliers in the sector since 2012.

Mexico Industry - Automotive Meetings Queretaro partners
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    For 23 years, Mexico Industry has been the news media of the manufacturing industry in Mexico. We have 8 different printed publications with monthly distribution, covering 76 cities in 10 states: Chihuahua, Coahuila, Estado de México, Puebla, Guanajuato, Nuevo León, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí, Aguascalientes and Tamaulipas.

    The objective is to be the link between the industrial sector, suppliers and the community to promote Mexico in the world, while offering its readers a wide variety of information on topics related to the main industrial sectors in Mexico, such as automotive, aerospace, medical, electrical-electronic, metal-mechanical, packaging and plastics.

airtrade - Automotive Meetings Queretaro partners
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    Unlike its competitors, AirTrade World is the only mexican magazine specialized in the aerospace sector, with an editorial line that highlights the good things that happen in the industry. Despite the fact that it just accomplished a year in the market, it can boast of being the only mexican media with an organic advertising strategy, focused in giving the most exposure to its clients. We also offer those companies our content creation services to help them acquire the strategic communication their brands require. Backed by FEMIA and FAMEX, which are its direct partners, AirTrade World is here to stay and to be the showcase that events like AeroSpace Sevilla Mexico and Latin America, need.

Directorio Automotriz - Automotive Meetings Queretaro partners
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    The only specialized directory of the automotive industry nationwide, we have printed and digital versions.

vanguardia industrial - Automotive Meetings Queretaro partners
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    Vanguardia Industrial, with more than 12 years in the manufacturing industry, we are the leading B2B media. Through various digital strategic schemes we connect the supplier with the buyer and vice versa. We bring added value to your company or business. 

    In our communication channels -in which the only manufacturing Podcast in Mexico with international reach stands out-, the CEOs and executives of the companies that are part of the sectors that move Mexico's economy such as: automotive, transportation and logistics, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, textile-clothing, footwear, machinery, IT, packaging and plastics, among others, have a voice. We will introduce you to the projects, innovations, challenges and trends in the manufacturing sector.

vanguardia industrial - Automotive Meetings Queretaro partners
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    The leading organ for the dissemination of everything that happens in the different sectors that make up the plastics community, both locally and globally. News, interviews, coverage, opinion articles and more Up-to-date information on the sector.

emqro industrial - Automotive Meetings Queretaro partners
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    Emqro Industrial is a magazine that is 100% committed to positioning the brand and the services and/or products of our advertisers throughout the industrial sector.

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